How Can You Use Your UPS Battery For A Long Time?

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August 2, 2017
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The most common factor that we completely ignore is the life and performance of our UPS battery. If we are unable to maintain it, there’s a high chance that your UPS will stop performing and damage itself completely. It has been duly estimated that the normal life of the UPS battery is valued to be around three to five years. This quiet hardware is normally found in server-based rooms almost everywhere safeguarding the data centers from any electrical disturbance and downtime.

The kind of conditions and load that the UPS battery has been placed under will tell the difference and exact length of its working period and how powerful it will be in the days to come. If the charge of the battery stays above 80 percent throughout its entire working period and doesn’t go through complete drains, there’s a possible chance that this particular UPS battery will last longer than the expectations; almost around five to six years.

Maintenance Of Your UPS

While a majority of the UPS batteries are supposedly free from any significant maintenance, this normally refers to the fact that these UPS batteries don’t demand any fluid for replacement. Since these batteries are made using the modern technology, UPS battery suppliers understand its significance and add a little amount of fluid to maintain its austerity and capability. However, these batteries should always be maintained for better working performance.

Having an organized replacement and maintenance schedule will play an integral role in stopping unanticipated downtime. Test the battery as per the schedule and alter/change what needs to be changed. If your software plays an essential role during the entire process of testing or monitoring, always remember to keep your software updated.
You can administer some of the risks by saving extra batteries on the site, however, if these batteries are not used for a long time, their working capacity will deteriorate, and they will decline over the course of time.

Placement Of The UPS Unit

In order to provide safe and quality backing power for the IT equipment in the room, always plan out the place where your UPS will be installed. Normally, UPS battery suppliers help you out in this matter and assist you in the best possible manner.

The most important thing is to realize that the UPS should have succulent space all around it so that it gets a large number of ventilation. Ventilation will play a crucial role in performing the battery better than the usual. Once the battery is charged, it reduces off the heat completely. Always remember not to block any opening of ventilation on the unit.

It is crucial not to place the UPS near an area containing a large amount of moisture or in areas near the windows. Always remember to keep the environment free from corrosive fumes and dust.

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