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Spaceflight Power Supply Co. Ltd. is the recognized AGM Battery Manufacturer and professional UPS Battery Supplier from China. Spaceflight has been working as an ideal brand name of Leopard Batteries and we hold a reliable name in manufacturing AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery and recognized among customers as authentic GEL Battery China manufacturer.

About Spaceflight

Spaceflight Power Supply has been in the service of manufacturing different formations of batteries since 1994. We have giving ideal value to our manufactured AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery, and GEL Battery China and are integrating R&D, sales and after sales services with Military Corporation background (affiliated to CASIC before the year of 2001).

Advanced Production Plants and Factories

Now Spaceflight AGM Battery manufacturer has been functional with three plants and factories among which two are situated in Ganzhou and Jiangxi; while one of them is in Zhongshan, Guangdong. We are working with total manufacturing facilities and are spread around 300,000 square meters factory unit manufacturing ideal AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery, and GEL Battery China with 10 highly automatic production lines. Thus, we are genuine UPS Battery Supplier from three locations to our local and international clients to fulfill our customers’ demands.

Workforce & Annual Production

Leopard Batteries have a work force of about 500 employees including people engaged in testing equipment. We are capable of fulfilling the needs of productive Car batteries including AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery, and GEL Battery China of about 3.0 million pieces yearly. Leopard is already fulfilling the needs of VRLA storage battery of about 1.5 million pieces annually. Thus, we are genuine UPS Battery Supplier from three locations and we have crossed the total sales volume and exceeded the revenue to USD100 million in 2015.

Quality Standards Certifications

Spaceflight AGM Battery Manufacturer has been quite dedicated to our environment and keeping the atmosphere well protected for the people. Our entire types of battery products like AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery, and GEL Battery China are well-matched with global standards of IEC60896-1/-2, JISC8702, DIN (IEEE1188) etc. We have attained the international standard certification for manufacturing higher standards batteries in different variety and for using for different needs. We have been granted the ISO9001 certificate, ISO14001 certificate, CE certificate, ROHS certificate, UL certificate, SASO certificate and SONCAP certificate etc for maintaining our quality standards.

Improved and Advanced Batteries

Moreover, being the authentic UPS Battery Supplier ; we have also attained the License from Telecom Network Access granted by the Ministry of Information Industry for our valuable services. Our entire AGM Battery, UPS Battery, Lead Acid Battery, and GEL Battery China are manufactured under brand name of Leopard and Divinity and are recognized over the world with trust and guarantee of the company. We have always maintained the quality and will stand by it in future with trustworthiness and enterprising spirit. We have courage to make the improved and enhanced batteries that are fulfilling the major needs in various services and supplying them to our esteemed clients.

Quality Products For You

For an extended period of time, we at Leopardbatt have become one of the most recognized automotive battery manufacturers in the world mainly due to the fact that our products are of high-quality guaranteed to perform on harsh climate and conditions for longer periods. We have been a leading supplier of these batteries and have been providing effective customer services to our clients who are not just satisfied with our product; they are satisfied with the way we have dealt with them.

Our customer care ensures that each and every client is catered differently, and the products are supplied on time. Before supplying the products, we thoroughly check our products and ensure if they are ready to be dispatched.

Our quality assurance team consists of enthusiastic individuals who understand the nature of their job and take it seriously on the field – because we are known for providing affordable, friendly, and quality products to our customers around the world. This is the sole reason why we are one of the most established and respected automotive battery manufacturers in the world.

At LeopardBatt, we are known for our continuous quality standards; therefore, we manufacture and design the provided range of products using exceptional quality components with an assist from the cutting-edge technology in commitment to the international quality customers under the guidance and supervision of quality controllers. We are one of the most distinguished car battery manufacturer in this competitive market with our clients belonging to different parts of the world.

The products which we provide are greatly appreciated, mainly due to their distinctive features like high-performance, uninterrupted power supply, hassle-free operation, extended service life, and optimum performance. Furthermore, these products are available in different specifications and are manufactured according to the customs and traditions developing in the market.

In regards to being the leading car battery manufacturer, we are sure that our products are well-received in the market. The prices are fairly reasonable and pocket-friendly making our batteries standout in the crowd than the rest.

Leading Battery Suppliers in The World

LeopardBatt, as an organization has been providing quality and effective battery products to the general and wholesale public for a long time. This is particularly the reason why we are the leading battery suppliers in the world.

Before you are planning to purchase any other type of battery or battery related product, try contacting us before, and we will be more than happy to assist you out choosing the best battery for your automotive. We specialize in different batteries for different vehicles, and due to this versatility, we have become one of the leading battery suppliers in the market.

24 / 7 emergency call:   +86-760-23453163

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