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The doctors recently discovered a way of carrying on the operation of penis enlargement. The operation is called penuma. And it is the only way that is approved by the FDA. It is done mostly for cosmetic enhancement. The price of the procedure is about 15,000$. Before the operation, a patient must pay a deposit of 1000$.

The procedure is not paid by insurance companies. The doctor who founded it is James Elist. But the problem with it that it can’t treat erectile dysfunction. Dr James Elist is one of the minorities who can do it and has a certificate.

Technical aspects of the operation

The Penuma is a silicone limb that inserted into a penis. It serves as a penis enhancement part. It has three sizes as large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. The materials that are put inside are composed of two types: corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum. The sizes are choosing according to the patient’s sizes.

The device is put through the groin area, and as a result, a penis looks larger. Patients say that they feel that their penis becomes larger at erection. The result can enlarge the size up to 7,7 inches at erection. There are some things that must be noted before male enhancement operation:

  1. Obligatory circumcision;
  2. Short rehabilitation period;
  3. The procedure is not long;
  4. The necessity to visit a doctor three days later;
  5. General anaesthesia while operating;
  6. Abstaining from sexual activity for 6 weeks.

The consequences and risks

There are always side effects after taking anaesthesia such as nausea, exhaustion, confusion and sometimes vomiting. It is not the same as male enhancement pills. And the consequences can be pneumonia, heart attack or stroke after the anaesthesia.

There are some other temporary problems, such as loss of sensation, and weak erection. In any case of the prolonged symptoms, it is recommended to visit a doctor. And with the limb there can also be some problems. Perforation and infection of the implant, or even breaking apart. It is also possible blood clots to appear.

A very high percent of people considers the operation to be successful without any complications. They can appear because of not following general rules. The operation is rather expensive but more effective than taking male enhancement supplements. But there can be non-surgical ways to improve the length and girth of a penis.

Source: How to Make Your Penis Bigger in natural ways – A Personal Guide